Solid Wall Insulation Improve your property

Solid Wall Insulation

By adding solid wall insulation to the outside of your home you will help reduce the amount of heat that is lost through your walls, resulting in a warmer, more comfortable home, savings on your fuel bill and reducing the carbon footprint of your property.
Put simply, the better insulated a building is, the less money will be spent on heating it.
If your property is of solid wall construction, such as solid brick, pre-fab, or non-traditional construction, with no standard cavity to fill, your property should be suitable for external solid wall insulation under this initiative on the streets outlined on the homepage.

Benefits you’ll enjoy…

Mitigate the impact of future energy price increases

Property cheaper to heat

Improved exterior look

Feel warm – keep the heat in

Improve the value of the property

Helps eliminate damp and condensation

Health and Wellbeing benefits

Help the environment – reduce CO2 emissions – the carbon footprint of your property and family.

External wall insulation also provides the opportunity to refresh the look of your home.

We install an industry-leading, durable and low-maintenance ‘self-cleaning’ SiliconeUltra render.

This finish not only improves your property’s appearance but is also functional too, protecting your existing walls from the worst excesses of the British weather.

Installations come with an independent 25-year guarantee.

What is Solid Wall Insulation?

The installation of an external wall insulation system has a ‘thermal jacketing’ effect that keeps heat in during winter whilst keeping your home cooler during the summer months, providing a more comfortable internal living environment.
Another major benefit is that external wall insulation also provides the opportunity to refresh or update the look of your home.
The product we install is the PermaRock EPS-Premium external insulation system, accredited and compliant to English Building Regulations, and installed on 1000’s of existing and new buildings each year. Typically, the system will incorporate 90mm rigid insulation boards, attached adhesively and mechanically into your exiting walls, and finished on top with a number of basecoat and render layers to complete the system – you will only actually see the final render finish at the end of the installation.

Render Finishes

We will install an industry-leading, durable and low-maintenance ‘self-cleaning’ SiliconeUltra render and/or Brick Effect Render.
Amber Valley Borough Council has obtained confirmation from the local planning department that the external wall insulation is classified as ‘Permitted Development’ provided all elevations (sides) are of a similar appearance to existing, so no formal planning approval is required. 
This approval only relates to appearances agreed with the planners, this means where there are existing brick or rendered areas, they will be replicated with a brick effect render or textured silicone through-coloured render respectively.
Similarly, where a property has existing brick features, such as quoins, lintels, etc they will be replicated in a similar brick rendered finish, where feasible, to achieve a similar appearance.
The exact appearance will be confirmed to you, and agreed, post-retrofit assessment and prior to any approval from you and Amber Valley Borough Council that works can proceed.

Silicone Ultra 1.5mm Render

Brick Effect Render

How disruptive is the work?

Allowing for normal weather conditions and all necessary preliminary works, installation on a typical semi-detached house can take between 4 – 6 weeks.
Prolonged periods of bad weather, as experienced over the winter months, will impact on the time taken to complete the works. 
We will always try to keep disruption to a minimum. However, the nature and complexity of the work sometimes mean that some disruption and inconvenience cannot be avoided, such as drilling and small machinery on-site for short periods of time.
Our Resident Liaison Officer will discuss the process with you, explaining what to expect, and we will keep you fully informed throughout the process.

Can I stay in my home whilst the works are in progress?


Installed from scaffold, the installation will occur whilst you remain in your property and disruption is minimal, however, as part of the installation process drilling and mixing machines will be in use whilst work progresses and we may require access inside your property for short periods of time.

Covid-19 / Health & Safety

Please be assured that the safety of our sites is our number one priority. We ensure they are a safe environment for residents, employees / subcontractors and the general public.
We undertake 1000’s of internal and external installations each year, we will undertake risk assessments on each property and have developed safe working practices specifically for Covid.